The Advantages of Having a Chest of Drawers

Having a nice chest of drawers in your home is an attractive addition to any room. Whether you are living in a small apartment or have a larger house, having a nice chest of drawers will make any room look more elegant. It also adds more safety to the home as well as helping you to store clothing and other items. A chest of drawers that compliments your room, your style and your wardrobe means no more missed socks in the morning. They can come in various sizes and come in many styles that fit in your rooms, including a long narrow chest of drawers in a small narrow hallway so you can utilize them throughout your entire home.

If you are purchasing a new chest of drawers for your home, you should keep in mind the size of the room you are putting it in. If you have a smaller room, you may want to purchase a corner chest that is smaller in size. If you have a larger room, you may want to purchase a tall chest of drawers so you can store more clothing and other items. You can purchase chests of drawers from most home improvement stores and retailers. They can be found in most wooded patterns and colors, whether you choose a bright red color or a more subtle gray you are sure to find a chest that fits in with your home decor.

A chest of drawers is a great addition to any room for several reasons. It provides additional floor space and you can choose to add an extra shelf on top or to install hanging shelves. This extra floor space is ideal for having area to store extra furniture, extra boxes, cleaning supplies, dishes and more. The drawers are also ideal for storing clothes as well. You will find that there are plenty of different sized drawers available to accommodate different sized garments.

Adding a chest of drawers to your home can make a major difference in your room. You will be able to store not only your normal clothes but also extra accessories and linens. You can also install a hutch over the furniture to create a more artistic look. Hutch hutches typically come in the same neutral colors as the wood in the frame of the chest of drawers.

One of the advantages of buying a chest of drawers is that it allows you to create more than one storage space. This allows you to place the drawers anywhere you like, even along the wall. You can also purchase tall dressers with extended top shelves. If you like to hang neckties, you can easily tuck these away behind the dressers with the help of the included hangers.

There are a variety of styles and finishes to choose from when choosing a chest of drawers. Most of the chests of drawers are available in narrow width or wide width varieties. When you have an odd shaped room, such as a very narrow living room, you will find that these types of dressers are ideal for using as a single unit. However, if you are expecting guests to be visiting your home frequently, you may want to opt for a chest of drawers with narrow top shelves.

A buyer’s guide to room dividers

The Best Room Dividers

An overly spacious room may appear quite unattractive and lonely. Also, to make the best out of the room, you ought to embrace the art of glamorous dividers. Are you curious about the modern trends on room dividing? There are many designs to adopt depending on your tastes. Let’s delve into some of the outstanding styles.

  • Plywood Dividers

Some people may dismiss plywood as a standard technique of dividing the house. They must be oblivious of the natural touch and the beauty achieved in a simple way. It’s all about the decorations that feature on your plywood. A network of a beautiful pattern is appealing and the privacy is assured by the opaque surface. The plywood may be suitable for partitioning a large room to attain your desired spatial configuration for smaller rooms. Plywood is durable and ideal if you want a semi-permanent structure.

  • Curtain on a Metal Frame

If noise isolation is not in your specs list, this is a viable alternative for you. The metal stand occupies little space and its movable when you want to have a general cleaning courtesy of the caster wheels. The curtain ensures absolute privacy by keeping out of sight anything you want to conceal. You may always enhance the chic with diversity of curtains based on color and fabric. Go pretty with this divider and roll on and off at will.

  • The Customizable Living Wall

For the lovers of the aesthetics of flora, this is the way to go. Consider the dimensions of the space you want to partition, your hanging preferences and the tiers that suffice. Besides the spacing, you will enjoy the beauty of nature and you can keep changing the look with more appealing 3D walls. Living wall dividers look quite attractive.

  • Deluxe Folding Screen

<p>Do you want to go contemporary with extreme chic? Try luxurious fold-screen to divide your room attractively. The main factor to consider for a pretty room is the color pattern on your screen. A bright touch of light blue and white will light up your room and keep you lively. Vary the screen designs by the particular rooms. You may go a bit dull in the bedroom but keep the living space aglow.</p>

Final Remarks

Partition your room with the style of your choice for optimal use of the available space. Learn more from Tylko on room dividers at and make a wise decision.


Chest of drawers – a buyer’s guide

A chest of drawers is considered to be a versatile yet staple piece of furniture that brings a sense of style and order to bedrooms in a household. Ideally, you can purchase one with a minimal set or multiple sets of drawers for storing personal items, accessories, and also store clothes. Additionally, you can opt for a design with a surface that can be used for displaying picture frames and ornaments. There are many design styles available for this accessory and you can mix a variety of materials as well as colors to customize the perfect chest of drawers.

How To Select A Chest Of Drawers

There are a few things that you need to consider when buying a chest of drawers. They include;

  • Measurements
  • Style
  • Assembly


It is necessary to take stock of the space available to you. This means that you should plan and use a measuring tool to find the exact amount of floor space that is available to you in the room you desire to place the chest of drawers. It is recommended that you allow for extra space clearing that allows you to extend the drawers while opening. If you don’t, then the drawers might not fully extend while opening.


There are various designs to choose from such as;

  • Tallboy chest of drawers
  • Classic chest of drawers
  • Two over’ chest of drawers

A tallboy chest of drawers is also known as a highboy. The design is taller and narrower than the standard designs available on the market. The classic chest of drawers has a wide design making it an ideal compact storage solution for any household. The ‘two over’ chest of drawers includes both large and smaller drawers. You can opt to keep undergarments and socks in the smaller drawers while using the larger ones for official attire and sweaters, for instance.


Most large-scale retailers package the drawers in a flat pack. You are required to assemble each of the parts into a fully functional chest of drawers. Depending on the size, it might require two or more people to effectively put it together.

For more tips on interior design and how to select the perfect chest of drawers, you can scroll through Tylko’s blog here ( There are numerous in-depth articles on a myriad of topics as well that can assist in home improvement.


Looking For Great Chest of Drawers Dresser Ideas?

A chest of drawers (or more commonly known as (in North American English), a large drawers bed or a bureau, is essentially a type of bedroom furniture with multiple, high-quality, flat drawer panels. Chest of drawers comes in different styles and sizes to cater to different bedroom needs. They are perfect for small bedrooms, bedroom offices, spare living rooms and even pantries. These pieces of bedroom furniture can fit into any corner of the room, even the corner of a guest room.

You can find a chest of drawers in any bedroom furniture store. Though most often the standard height for these pieces of bedroom furniture is 48 inches, there are some models which are available in taller dimensions up to 60 inches. These extra-large dressers look great in large master bedrooms, over-sized guest rooms and spares of both large and small bedrooms. They also add style and class to small and narrow kitchens and utility rooms.

The standard style of chest of drawers is made from solid wood including oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, hickory and sometimes pine. Some chests of drawers are constructed from veneer or laminate veneers while others are constructed from real solid hardwoods. Solid wood chests come in many colors such as beige, cream, chestnut, black, chestblue, chestmagnet, and walnut. Although these types of chests of drawers are quite expensive, they are definitely worth the expense.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can choose to purchase a pre-made dresser. Pre-made dressers are commonly sold in department stores, furniture stores and home depots. The price of a pre-made dresser usually includes the price of the wood or veneer that is used to construct the dresser. In most cases, the price of these dressers is less than the prices of individual pieces of solid wood dressers. This type of dresser usually comes with a long or a sliding door and may also come with a mirror.

There are also chests of drawers that are handcrafted. These chests of drawers are much more expensive than the average chests of drawers. Handcrafted chests of drawers have more character and often have intricate carving on the outside of the doors. Handcrafted chests of drawers make an excellent addition to a bedroom or even a bathroom.

There are no shortage of dresser ideas. Just because a dresser is traditional does not mean that it has to look old fashioned or plain. Dressers of all styles, sizes and shapes can be easily found and purchased at your local furniture store or online. A beautiful dresser can completely transform the look of a bedroom and make it look great from day one.