Looking For Great Chest of Drawers Dresser Ideas?

A chest of drawers (or more commonly known as (in North American English), a large drawers bed or a bureau, is essentially a type of bedroom furniture with multiple, high-quality, flat drawer panels. Chest of drawers comes in different styles and sizes to cater to different bedroom needs. They are perfect for small bedrooms, bedroom offices, spare living rooms and even pantries. These pieces of bedroom furniture can fit into any corner of the room, even the corner of a guest room.

You can find a chest of drawers in any bedroom furniture store. Though most often the standard height for these pieces of bedroom furniture is 48 inches, there are some models which are available in taller dimensions up to 60 inches. These extra-large dressers look great in large master bedrooms, over-sized guest rooms and spares of both large and small bedrooms. They also add style and class to small and narrow kitchens and utility rooms.

The standard style of chest of drawers is made from solid wood including oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, hickory and sometimes pine. Some chests of drawers are constructed from veneer or laminate veneers while others are constructed from real solid hardwoods. Solid wood chests come in many colors such as beige, cream, chestnut, black, chestblue, chestmagnet, and walnut. Although these types of chests of drawers are quite expensive, they are definitely worth the expense.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can choose to purchase a pre-made dresser. Pre-made dressers are commonly sold in department stores, furniture stores and home depots. The price of a pre-made dresser usually includes the price of the wood or veneer that is used to construct the dresser. In most cases, the price of these dressers is less than the prices of individual pieces of solid wood dressers. This type of dresser usually comes with a long or a sliding door and may also come with a mirror.

There are also chests of drawers that are handcrafted. These chests of drawers are much more expensive than the average chests of drawers. Handcrafted chests of drawers have more character and often have intricate carving on the outside of the doors. Handcrafted chests of drawers make an excellent addition to a bedroom or even a bathroom.

There are no shortage of dresser ideas. Just because a dresser is traditional does not mean that it has to look old fashioned or plain. Dressers of all styles, sizes and shapes can be easily found and purchased at your local furniture store or online. A beautiful dresser can completely transform the look of a bedroom and make it look great from day one.