Chest of drawers – a buyer’s guide

A chest of drawers is considered to be a versatile yet staple piece of furniture that brings a sense of style and order to bedrooms in a household. Ideally, you can purchase one with a minimal set or multiple sets of drawers for storing personal items, accessories, and also store clothes. Additionally, you can opt for a design with a surface that can be used for displaying picture frames and ornaments. There are many design styles available for this accessory and you can mix a variety of materials as well as colors to customize the perfect chest of drawers.

How To Select A Chest Of Drawers

There are a few things that you need to consider when buying a chest of drawers. They include;

  • Measurements
  • Style
  • Assembly


It is necessary to take stock of the space available to you. This means that you should plan and use a measuring tool to find the exact amount of floor space that is available to you in the room you desire to place the chest of drawers. It is recommended that you allow for extra space clearing that allows you to extend the drawers while opening. If you don’t, then the drawers might not fully extend while opening.


There are various designs to choose from such as;

  • Tallboy chest of drawers
  • Classic chest of drawers
  • Two over’ chest of drawers

A tallboy chest of drawers is also known as a highboy. The design is taller and narrower than the standard designs available on the market. The classic chest of drawers has a wide design making it an ideal compact storage solution for any household. The ‘two over’ chest of drawers includes both large and smaller drawers. You can opt to keep undergarments and socks in the smaller drawers while using the larger ones for official attire and sweaters, for instance.


Most large-scale retailers package the drawers in a flat pack. You are required to assemble each of the parts into a fully functional chest of drawers. Depending on the size, it might require two or more people to effectively put it together.

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